ANITI'scientific seminars go on

Let's meet on september 16th From 3pm to 4pm with Rosina Weber for a seminar on XAI

The seminar will take place in IRIT, salle du conseil and on line.

Title : XAI: Roadblocks, Trends, and Directions

Abstract : (XAI) faces several roadblocks that prevent its advancement. This talk introduces and contextualizes roadblocks stemming from a lack of consensus on foundational term definitions, biased motivations, inconsistent evaluations, and dependencies on multiple disciplines. This talk also presents latest trends such as personalized XAI and re-orientation of XAI methods to improve performance.

These trends however steer away from resolving said roadblocks. These considerations lead to new directions in support of alleviating existing roadblocks toward promoting the resilience of the field.

About Rosina Weber

Rosina Weber is an Associate Professor of Information Science in the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University, USA. Her lab investigates explainable artificial intelligence methods (XAI) from the lens of
use-inspired research. She has co-chaired four international workshops in the last four years, i.e., IJCAI-19, 20, 22, and AAAI 21. Weber has over 100 peer-reviewed papers in case-based reasoning and textual methods, including a widely adopted textbook. Currently, she is responsible for one of the reasoning agents for the NIH-NCATS Biomedical Data Translator and investigates XAI methods in small-data classifiers for the DARPA point-of-contact ultrasound (POCUS-AI) program. Her current visit to Europe is part of a collaboration with Mälardalens
University funded by the Swedish Vinnova foundation where she is the international XAI expert orienting how to equip AI applications with explanatory capabilities.

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