The ambition of ANITI is to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence called hybrid AI, associating in an integrated way data driven machine learning techniques and symbolic and formal methods allowing to express constraints and to carry out logical reasoning.

The objective is to provide better guarantees in terms of reliability, robustness and ability to explain and interpret the results of systems integrating artificial intelligence algorithms, while ensuring their social acceptability and economic viability. Such guarantees are required by many applications such as autonomous transport, industry of the future, health, environment, space, insurance, etc. This approach will also facilitate decision support and optimize the performance of industrial systems and processes. 

Le projet scientifique d’ANITI s’articule autour de trois grands programmes de recherche : IA acceptable, IA certifiable or IA collaborative.

Chaque programme réunit plusieurs chaires, chacune constituée d’une équipe composée d’un chercheur principal, de chercheurs associés, de doctorants et d’étudiants postdoctoraux. Il est conçu pour favoriser les échanges entre chercheurs et industriels afin de s’attaquer aux enjeux soulevés par un ou plusieurs secteurs d’application, grâce à des avancées scientifiques dans des domaines fondamentaux de l’IA.

Below are descriptions of the 12 themes that are managed by the integrative programs. Each theme has a set of topics that we call threads. The themes describe scientific challenges addressed in the research programs, and result from the Chair projects and use cases provided by ANITI's industrial partners. Some themes are treated jointly within several research programs

Les programmes de recherche et les thèmes associés :


  • AI & society
  • Learning with few or complex datas
  • Fair Learning
  • Explainability


  • Safe design and embeddability
  • Explainability
  • Fair Learning
  • AI & physical models
  • Optimization & game theory for AI
  • Automated reasoning and decision making


  • Automated reasoning and decision making
  • Datas & anomaly
  • Language
  • Robotic & AI
  • Nerusocience & AI

More information the themes associated with the research programs

Scientific Seminars

Scientific seminar with Rosina Weber

Vendredi 16 septembre 2022

Scientific seminar with Stephan Wäldchen

Vendredi 4 mars 2022

Scientific seminar with George Karniadakis

Vendredi 21 janvier 2022


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