ANITI a framework for Collaborative research

Industrial problems are rarely solved with a single scientific issue and ANITI aims precisely at associating several scientific disciplines together.

  • ANITI’s research projects contribute to themes that were derived from use cases brought by industrial partners. Each theme is related to several chairs, and often a chair is linked to several themes.
  • The partners thus have access to several researchers with different backgrounds and from different laboratories, which helps promote the interdisciplinarity needed to solve complex problems.

Shared results

Each member of ANITI can access all the knowledge and the results produced by the Institute, i.e. the results produced by more than 100 researchers.

This knowledge is protected in such a way as to benefit the members of the Institute and each member is able to exploit the results on a commercial level - including those in which he has not directly participated.

Within the Partners' Club, ANITI members exchange with their peers concerning their results, their problems and their subjects of interest within the institute, all of which helps accelerate the acquisition of AI skills.

Une accélération d’acquisition de compétences en IA

The availability and the participation in the co-supervision of theses (CIFRE for example) or post-docs, and the daily work shared by the co-located academic and industrial partner teams, are other ways to accelerate the increase in skills among the partners.

The availability of data or use cases that we will use to validate results coming from ANITI's work or as benchmarks to compare existing algorithms is also another opportunity to contribute to the research carried out within ANITI.

The doubling of the number of students trained in AI, through courses of study and in particular a course of excellence will allow members to quickly access the best skills by recruiting them. (see the description of the initial training program).

The continuing education program aims to improve the capacity of companies to integrate AI techniques by significantly improving the understanding of uses and techniques.

ANITI members will have a privileged access to both recruitment and training.

Finally, the scientific seminars as well as the scientific and technical dissemination program aimed at the general public will also be accessible to the partners for their own internal uses.

A reinforced value of the R&D investment.

In addition to the contributions of industrial partners, the ANITI’s 3 components Research, Training and Economic Development are financially supported by the Investment for the Future Program of the National Research Agency, research establishments, the Occitanie Region, Toulouse Métropole and Toulouse Tech Transfert.

Industrial investment is thus tripled in the Research program, which, let us remember, benefits all members.

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