ANITI aims to make citizens aware of the stakes and benefits of artificial intelligence, to promote citizens’ acceptability of AI and to strengthen the attractiveness of training and careers in AI.

To this end, ANITI, in conjunction with the Department of Dissemination of the Culture of Science and Technology (DCST) of the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, has established a strategy to disseminate scientific knowledge and to publicize research in AI and its potential uses. This strategy exploits the skills of the DCST service along with those of member institutions and organizations, scientific media associations (Science Animation, Planète Sciences Occitanie, etc.) and relevant institutional structures (Rectorat, Region, Toulouse Métropole’s Quai des savoirs, etc.). The mission of the DCST is to contribute to the dialogue between science and society. The dissemination of knowledge to all audiences (especially young people and those curious about science) is organized around three main axes:

  • A program of scientific events and meetings in the Occitanie region---for instance, the ANITI conference cycle, the ``European Researchers' Night’’ (la Nuit européenne des chercheur·es), the (national) Science Festival, Exploreur Encounters, the Science and Technology Accompaniment System in of primary schools in the region- ASTEP, etc.). etc.) 
  • Promoting the scientific and technical heritage, research and teaching, of Toulouse, the Occitanie Region and France 
  • An editorial policy and infrastructure that enables us to make articles, podcasts, videos, etc. accessible to the greatest number of people possible, etc.), in particular with the Exploreur medium. Exploreur

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