Located in Grenoble, Nice, Paris and Toulouse, the four French interdisciplinary artificial intelligence institutes are major hubs for research, education and innovation in artificial intelligence with strong scientific and economic potential.

While they each have their own specificities, the 3IAs also operate in a network. Since their creation, they have jointly developed many actions and created synergies in the service of the national strategy for AI.

Actions adapted to the specificities of the territories

The 3IAs play an important attractiveness role within the international research community. This is evidenced by the recruitment of prestigious foreign researchers, the development of international and European collaborations.
Ils créent les conditions de collaborations étroites entre leurs forces en recherche et les acteurs de l’innovation, qu’il s’agisse des startups, de PME ou de grands groupes. 
The 3IAs set ambitious initial and continuing training objectives and deploy various training methods for all levels and for all audiences.

The actions of the 3IA also covers questions related to ethics, the impact of AI on society, gender and the dissemination of scientific culture in AI to the general public.

The 3IA network, pillar of the national strategy

At the heart of public-private research, the 3IAs create ideal conditions for collaboration between academic research of the best world level and actors of innovation, thus contributing to the national economic dynamic and to the influence of France.

In November 2021, the government launched a new phase of the national AI strategy. In this new strategic component, the 3IA network appears as a structuring element that will serve to support the development of research and its transformation into economic opportunities.

The 3IA network in figures

  • 149 chairs
  • More than 550 academic researchers
  • 450 PhD students
  • 170 industrial partners
  • 14 000 people trained in artificial intelligence each year

MIAI Grenoble Alpes : AI for Human being and the environment

3IA Côte d’Azur : AI for healthcare and regional development

Prairie : AI for healthcare, transportation and the environment

ANITI AI for mobility, transports and the future of industry

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