Game theory studies the strategic interactions between entities called players, which can be human beings, softwares, automata, juridical persons, animals…
The game theory chair of ANITI investigates possible applications of game theory concepts and methods to AI. 

Thematics include:

  • No-regret learning and bandit problems, strategic bandits,
  • Neural networks and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs),
  • Decision-making in complex strategic environments (dynamic games, incomplete information, games with restricted strategies, hybrid games with both autonomous devices and rational agents, matching markets, strategic use of information, …).


  • Cooperative online learning: keeping your neighbors updated. T. Cesari, N. Cesa-Bianchi and Claire Monteleoni, ALT conference 2020.
  • A high-probability safety guarantee for shifted neural networks surrogates. S.Gerchinovitz, M.Ducoe, Jayant Sen Gupta, proceedings of the workshop on AI safety 2020.
  • Limit equilibrium payoffs in Stochastic Games, J.Renault and B. Ziliotto. Mathematics of operations research 2020.
  • Representation formulas for limit values of long run stochastic optimal controls. J.Renault, R. Buckdahn, J.Li and M. Quincampoix, SIAM journal of Control and Optimization 2020.
  • Book: Mathematical foundations of game hteory, J.Renault, R. Larakiand S. Sorin. Universitext book series, 2019.
  • Optimal strategies in zero-sum repeated games with incomplete information: the dependent case. F. Gensbittel and M. Oliu-Barton, to appear in dynamic games and a applications.
  • A Dynkin game on assets with incomplete information on the return. F. Gensbittel, T. De Angelis and S.Villeneuve, to appear in mathematics of operations research.
  • Hidden stochastic games and limit equilibrium payoffs. J.Renault and B. Ziliotto, to appear in games and economic behavior.
  • Acyclic gambling games. J.Renault and R. Laraki, to appear in mathematics of operations research.

Programme : IA Certifiable
Thème : optimisation et théorie des jeux pour l’IA

Porteur : Jérôme Renault, PR maths UT1-TSE

Chercheurs associés
Fabien Gensbittel, MCF maths UT1 -TSE
Sébastien Gerchinovitz, IRT-DEEL
Maurizio d’Andréa, PhD student ANITI,
Étienne de Montbrun, PhD student ANITI
Tommaso Cesari, Post-doc ANITI, PhD Computer Science 2020 University of Milan,
Dana Pizzaro, Post-doc ANITI, PhD applied maths 2020 Universidad de Chile

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