The call for chairs is now closed.

The context of ANITI

ANITI is a research program funded from 2019 to 2023 as an “Interdisciplinary AI Institute”.

Following its successful evaluation, we anticipate a continuation of ANITI in a form that we provisionally call ANITI 2.0.

This call for chair proposals, as elaborated with our academic and industrial partners, will allow interested researchers to initiate as soon as possible the construction of their proposals, which can take five (5) possible forms and will run from 2024 for a duration of 4 years.

Certain figures concerning the support of chairs, are subject to change, as indicated each time it is necessary in the text below.

The submitted proposals will run through a two-stage evaluation process: (i) a short list of projects selected by the “ANITI evaluation committee” will form the basis of a coherent program and (ii) an eventual submission to the ANR.

Objectives of the program

ANITI 2.0 is an interdisciplinary research program focused on safe and trusted AI and its scientific and technological interfaces. It extends the achievements and benefits of ANITI towards a broader community, beyond the topics and the teams currently involved in the program, with a particular emphasis for promoting young scientists (Starting Chairs), interdisciplinary and collaborative projects (Synergy and Industrial Chairs). It is based on a sharing model of its results for the benefit of all its members, academic and industrial, and society. Its strategic and scientific objectives are the following.

Strategic objectives
  • Conduct a research program seeking to contribute to: (i) fundamental and interdisciplinary knowledge, (ii) R&D developments (low TRL), (iii) technology transfers, social and economic developments
  • Amplify the momentum effect of ANITI and extend it towards a broader community and young scientists, for the benefit of Toulouse, and possibly the Occitanie region, in the fields of computational sciences and technologies and their interfaces, in particular towards AI for engineering sciences, life sciences, earth and environmental sciences, as well as towards associated technologies, industries and services
  • Consolidate and strengthen ANITI’s assets in AI education and training and its interfaces at all levels: training through research, leadership in EFELIA national program, ANITI Graduate School, initial training, continuing education, initiation and transmission of knowledge to high and middle school students, and the general public
  • Intensify efforts in R&D, dissemination of results, support for the development of demonstrators and specific applications, transfer, spin-off, and social and economic added value
  • Set its actions on all the preceding objectives within the framework of an ethical commitment to socially responsible research; pursue efforts to disseminate knowledge, animation and promote citizen deliberation in its fields
About ANITI chairs
ANITI’s scientific project revolves around three major research programs: Acceptable AI, Certifiable AI and Collaborative AI. Each research program brings together several chairs.

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