Le 5 avril de 15h à 16h

As AI infiltrates every aspect of ours lives, from healthcare to finance, ensuring trust and transparency becomes paramount. This is where eXplainable AI (XAI) bridges the gap, making complex models understandable and accountable.

A few years ago, we introduced Xplique, an explainability toolbox encompassing cutting-edge XAI methods tailored for Computer Vision. Since then, we have diligently updated and enhanced the library, incorporating the latest and most prominent methods. Additionnaly, we introduced a wrapper for PyTorch users and expanded the toolbox’s capabilities to address diverse use cases such as Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation. In this presentation, we aim to unveil the newfound possibilities that Xplique brings to the table, showcasing its evolutions and how it can better serve your needs.

Ce webinaire s’adresse aux ingénieurs IA, data scientists ou autres MLOps utilisateurs. Il montrera à quoi sert la librairie et comment l’intégrer dans vos plateformes.

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