Since its creation, ANITI has aimed to meet the needs of industrial partners and support them in their innovation and transformation strategy by providing them with the knowledge and skills of experts in artificial intelligence.

The first circle of ANITI members, made up of 13 academic members who signed up a consortium agreement and 19 industrial partners, offers a collaborative operation giving access to the pooling of resources, skills and results in artificial intelligence to all members of this first circle. 

In 2022, ANITI goes further and launches a second circle intended for new industrial partners interested in joining ANITI 

ANITI thus intends to respond to new industrial needs, but also to be in line with the French strategy of the "investissements d'avenir" Program which relies on strengthening R&D potential to transform scientific successes into economic opportunities. 

The academic members of the first circle:

The industrial partners as members of the first circle:

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