On March 7 and 8, ANITI hosted an Inter 3IA workshop on explainability.

More than 40 people attended the meetings and presentations that you can see or review below.

Joao Marques-Silva : Logic based explanations

Leila Amgoud – Axiomatic Foundations of Explainability

Serena Villata Towards Natural Language Explanatory Argument Generation: Achieved Results and Open Challenges

Michèle Sebag et Armand Lacombe

Lucas de Lara From structural to optimal transport counterfactuals 

Karima Maklouf, Sami Zhioua, Causality for Fairness and Explainability in ML models

Thibault Laugel, Understanding prediction discrepancies in ML classifiers

Philippe Muller : Explaining semantic representations in natural language processing

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