Chair objectives

The Moral AI chair explores the way humans and machines treat each other when they make decisions with a moral component. This includes contexts in which humans and machines cooperate or collude with each other, contexts in which machines make consequential decisions for human well-being, and contexts in which machines can shed new light on the consequential decisions that humans make about other humans.

Some examples on ongoing projects include:

  • Exploring how humans want self-driving cars to distribute risks between road users
  • Exploring the trust that humans have in the cooperative potentials of machines
  • Exploring the willingness of humans to be morally assessed by machines
  • Exploring the social status that humans give to machines and the resulting power dynamics
  • Using machine learning to learn about the implicit attitudes of judges
  • Utiliser l’apprentissage automatique pour en savoir plus sur les préjugés humains concernant l’apparence du visage des autres.

Program Acceptable AI
Theme AI and society

Chair holder: Jean-François Bonnefon


  • Ingela Alger (CNRS, TSE-R)
  • Daniel Chen (CNRS, TSE-R)


Know more

No AI without ethics, with Jean-François Bonnefon

Jean-François Bonnefon has become a world-renowned specialist in the question of the moral dilemmas of autonomous vehicles. Portrait.

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