"Law, accountability and social trust in AI" chair

In 2022, the Chair on Law, Accountability, and Social Trust in AI has published a collective work on AI law, co-edited by Céline Castets-Renard and Jessica Eynard. The two co-chairs, Sylvain Cussat Blanc and Laurent Risser, along with Ronan Pons (ANITI PhD candidate), Associate Professor Suzanne Vergnolle, Professor Paul Monsarrat, Colonel Patrick Perrot, Professor Anne-Sophie Hulin, and PhD candidate Claire Boine (members of the Chair) have also contributed to the collective work. This is the world's first book of such magnitude on the subject in French and English.

This book was launched at theUniversity of Ottawa and was presentedUniversity of Toulouse Capitole in may 2023.


[1] "Artificial Intelligence Law: Between Sectoral Rules and Comprehensive Regime.

Comparative Law”. Collective book, approximately 920 pages, 40 auteurs (France, Canada, Belgium, United-States, Mexico, Brasil and Senegal). Publisher Bruylant, Forthcoming in English.

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