"The effects of AI on competition in the marketplace" chair

The chair has published 3 articles in top economic and management journals. In each case, the contribution consists of the mathematical modeling of an economic situation involving the use of AI or data, and the use of game theory to determine the equilibrium behavior of the parties involved and to study the properties of the equilibrium. The first work focuses on the effect of algorithmic aggregation of content by social networks. It shows that bundling of news content hurts publishers and raises the dispersion of the quality of news. The second work studies the effect of data portability on competition between providers of data services (cloud computing or data mining for instance). It argues that mandated data portability raises incentives for providers to be compatible. The third article studies the implications of price personalization, following the rise of AI and profiling, for the organization of the distribution of products. It identifies conditions under which the intensification of channel conflicts will induce firms to reduce the number of distribution channels.


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