Scientific seminaréminaire scientifique ANITI

September 9 & 10

A l’occasion de la rentrée 2021, les ANITI DAYS ont réuni cette année une centaine de participants, (dans le respect des conditions sanitaires), les 9 et 10 septembre derniers à la Maison de la Valorisation et de la Recherche.

Open to all ANITI Chairs members, this annual scientific seminar is a crucial step which enables searchers to share the results of their work but also to expose the scientific issues as well as explored solutions. 

The first day of the seminar and part of the second were dedicated to an overall presentation of ANITI, followed by a presentation of each of the 12 research themes consist in the ANITI roadmap: AI & societylearning with few or complex datas, fair learning, explainability, optimization or game theory for AI safe development and embedabilityAI and physical models, automated reasoning or decision makingdata and anomaly, language, robotics and AI neuroscience and AI 

This year, 4 members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) participated in the event, remotely from France and the United States. The wise look of this committee was thus the opportunity to get some feedbacks and recommendations in order to get ready for the upcoming international evaluation, and also to salute ANITI's hybrid approach, as well as the collaborations developed between the chairs, laboratories and industrial since the project started.


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