Following our webinars of February 10th, we’ve made a selection of the most frequently asked questions to which you’ll find some answers here under.

Can the PI and co-chairs benefit from a bonus and a discharge of teaching duties?

What time of involvement is expected from the PIs?

Is it possible to include in the time dedicated to ANITI the time declared on ongoing grants?

What is expected from the Principal Investigator?

What is the difference between “associated members to a chair” and “co-chair”?

Can a PI outside of Toulouse be involved in synergy and industrial projects?

Is it possible to propose blue-sky research projects?

May public institutions other than Higher Education Institutios be identified as contributors to an industrial chair?

What is expected in terms of financial contribution from industrial partners to industrial chairs?

What are the intellectual property rules?

Are there any restrictions regarding the industrial partners?

Please find here under some additionnal information following the 7th of April webinar session


Chair funding

Precisions for international attractivity chairs

Chairs composition

Financial and administrative reporting

Project duration

Chairs scope

Proposal submission

Jury composition

Intellectual property rules

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